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Can I Leave My Pet Alone In A Hotel Room? (2024)

Are you wondering, “Can I leave my pet alone in a hotel room?”

Traveling with any animal requires a lot of extra planning, from finding a pet friendly hotel to pet packing lists and possibly having to leave your pet alone at the hotel. 

But I can help!

I take my dog, Theo, to hotels with me all the time, and I occasionally need to leave him alone in the hotel room during activities that are not dog friendly. 

So I’ll be sharing everything you need to know about leaving your pet alone in a hotel room, how to find out the hotel’s policy, and how to make sure your pet is comfortable in a hotel. 

I’ll also sprinkle in additional tips to prepare your pup for staying in the room alone. 

Here’s everything you need to know! 

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Can Pets Be Left Alone In A Hotel Room?

brown and white dog sleeping in a hotel bed

It depends on the hotel, but pets can usually be left alone in a hotel room. 

Some hotels allow you to leave dogs or other pets unattended during your stay, while others will fine you for leaving your pet alone. 

You should always read the hotel’s pet policy so you know about any additional regulations, pet fees, or geographical restrictions. 

But regardless of the policy, you should still use your own judgment. 

If you have a well-behaved pet that doesn’t chew, it should be okay for them to stay in the room alone. But, if your pet gets stressed and destructive in new environments, has a weak bladder, or barks a lot, leaving them unattended is not a good idea. 

Additionally, just like at home, try not to leave your dog alone in the hotel room all day. Return to the hotel every 4-6 hours to check on them, and plan to do at least one pet friendly activity each day.

How Do You Keep A Pet In A Hotel Room?

A brown dog left alone in hotel room with dog chain sitting on a hotel bed with blanket and pillow and hanging shelf with decorations behind.

Taking your pet on vacation is a wonderful experience, but it can also be a very stressful experience if it’s your first time. Luckily, there are some things to help!

Here are some essential tips to ensure your pet feels happy and safe on the road. 

Do Your Own Research

Check if the hotel caters to pet owners, not just a hotel that labels itself “pet friendly.” 

Read the reviews and hear from others who have stayed there with a pet. You could also call the hotel and speak directly to them. A truly pet friendly hotel trains its staff to help make traveling easier for the pet owner and more comfortable for their pet. 

Notify the Staff 

Let the hotel staff know you will be bringing your pet with you. 

They may be able to put you in a room with unique pet amenities (treats, water bowls, dog beds, etc.), prepare for potential stressors (like fire drills), and adjust the housekeeping schedule to avoid entering the room when your pet is alone. 

Bring a Crate from Home

Bring their crate or carrier from home to the hotel room. It’s the best way to make your pet comfortable and secure while staying in a hotel. 

Also, you should only allow the pet to explore the room while supervised. If you leave your pet alone in the hotel room, always put them in their crate or carrier. This ensures they don’t get into something potentially dangerous or chew any furniture in the room. 


This tip is a little more important for people traveling with dogs, but always give your pet plenty of exercise and a bathroom break before going to your hotel room. The last thing you want is an accident inside the hotel room! 

It will also alleviate some anxiety your pet may feel in a foreign space. 

What Kind of Pets Are Allowed in a Hotel Room?

Every hotel has a different policy, so the kind of pets allowed in a hotel room varies. Usually, allow dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals.  

The hotel could have additional restrictions if you are traveling with other pets, such as birds, rabbits, hamsters, or ferrets. 

If you have an uncommon pet, call and double-check that your hotel allows the specific aminal before booking a pet friendly hotel (especially if it’s nonrefundable). 

How Long Can You Keep Your Pet Alone in a Hotel Room For?

brown dog peeking between the white blanket

If you were wondering, “can I leave my pet alone in a hotel room?” you’re probably curious how long you can leave them unattended. 

Like home, you shouldn’t leave your pet alone for more than 8-10 hours. But many pets have trouble if left alone in a foreign environment for more than 5-6 hours. However, this does depend on your pet’s temperament and the hotel policy.

Leaving your pet alone for longer than necessary in a hotel can cause them to become restless, which is especially problematic if you have a dog prone to barking, which could disturb other guests. 

If you know you will be away from the room for long periods, or your hotel doesn’t allow pets to be left alone, paying for a pet sitter or daycare during your trip is probably a better option.

How To Prepare For Taking Your Pet To A Hotel

brown and whote furry dog wearing brown glasses while looking at an ipad

If your pet is joining you at the hotel, I have some great advice to prepare for your stay! 

As I mentioned above, some hotels claim to be pet friendly but aren’t actually very hospitable towards pets. Check for any reviews from pet owners who have had a good experience at the hotel with their pets. 

Another thing to check on is if they have a pet fee. Some hotels also have crazy pet fees that can be more than the price of the room! 

It’s also a good idea to read through the pet policy for the hotel and check if there are any designated pet friendly rooms. These rooms can be much more accommodating, have fewer restrictions, and may even have unique amenities like pet beds or food bowls.

What To Do When You Arrive At The Hotel With Pets

When you arrive at the hotel, check in with your pet so the receptionist knows you have a pet with you. They may need to make special arrangements or set up a different room for your stay.

You probably made a note in your booking, but hotels have a lot of guests, so it’s best to overcommunicate that you would like a pet friendly room.

Once you get to your room, don’t leave your pet right away. Spend time with your pet in the room. Allow them to explore and get comfortable with the new territory. 

Then, when you are sure they are comfortable, you can put them in their crate (If they’re not used to being left in a crate, it will also help to do some practice runs at home before the trip!) 

Are you wondering how to keep your dog from barking in your hotel room? While all dogs bark to some degree, if your dog is prone to excessive barking, it’s helpful to spend extra time allowing them to get comfortable in the crate and remove any potential triggers.

If you are arriving at the hotel from a road trip or extended journey, pack some anti-nausea tablets. You will want your pet to be comfortable arriving at the hotel and during your stay. These tablets often have calming agents too.

How To Make Your Pet Comfortable In A Hotel

brown and white furry dog wearing a white bathrobe and holding a green bottle of sparkling water while laying on a hotel bed

Whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel room or a countryside vacation rental, a pet that feels relaxed and comfortable will make the getaway much more enjoyable.

Here are more travel tips to help your pet feel comfortable and secure in a new environment!

  1. Bring familiar items from home. Even if it’s a short trip, add your pet’s favorite toys or blanket to your pet travel checklist. These items can help them to feel more at home.
  2. Maintain a routine and a consistent feeding/sleep schedule as much as possible.
  3. Book a room on the ground floor (this avoids crowded elevators or stairs)
  4. It’s also important to let the hotel know that you will be bringing a pet in advance so that they can make special accommodations for you and your pet. 
  5. If you are traveling with a large dog, take them on regular walks and consider bringing calming tablets if you’re pet has anxiety issues. 
  6. Avoid leaving your pet alone for long periods 

Are Hotels Stressful For Dogs?

Yes, hotels can be stressful for dogs. However, if you take extra precautions to help your dog be comfortable, you can help them feel right at home!

Some dogs may find certain aspects of a hotel stay more challenging than others. 

For example, choosing a hotel near a bustling car park or highway isn’t ideal if your dog is reactive to loud noises or new people. Pick a hotel in a quiet area and stick to a routine as much as possible. 

Also, consider staying in a hotel with an outdoor entrance to avoid crowded elevators and reception areas, which can be overwhelming for some pups.

Tips For Staying In A Dog Friendly Hotel

Here are the best tips I’ve learned for staying in a hotel with a dog or any other pet:

  • Book a room that is 100% pet friendly
  • Bring their favorite toys and a blanket from home.
  • Do not leave them alone in the hotel room for long periods
  • Let the staff know you have a pet with you
  • Make sure you prepare for how to keep your dog from barking in the hotel room


That should be everything you need to know! But just in case, here are a few of the most common questions pet owners have about staying at a hotel with a pet.

What happens if you don’t tell a hotel you have a dog?

If you don’t tell a hotel you have a dog, they may ask you to leave to give you a hefty fine for violating the pet policy. Even if you book with a pet friendly hotel, you must always notify the hotel you will bring a pet.

Can dogs sleep on bed at a hotel?

Hotels do not like it when dogs sleep on beds at the hotel, but there are typically no rules against it. If you’d like your dog to sleep on the bed, bring your own blanket for your dog to sleep on and remove the hotel’s comforter.

Can you leave pets alone in an Airbnb?

You are more likely to be allowed to leave pets alone in an Airbnb than in a proper hotel, but you should still check the owner’s policy and confirm with the host that it’s okay to leave your pet alone.

Can I leave my dog in a room overnight?

No, usually, you are not allowed to leave your dog alone in a room overnight. Although most dogs can be alone for 8-10 hours, it’s not a good idea to leave them overnight in case you end up being away longer than expected.

Do pet friendly hotels provide litter boxes?

Some hotels provide littler boxes for guests with cats, but not always. You should always pack your own litter box in case the hotel does not have litter boxes available on arrival.


Many people avoid taking their pet on vacation with them because it the hotel policies are not straightforward, or they are concerned about leaving their pet alone in a hotel room. 

But if you know how to prepare for the trip and find a great pet friendly hotel, bringing your pet along can be a breeze! 

Most pet friendly hotels are okay with you leaving your pet alone in a hotel room, as long as it’s just for a portion of the day, and others even offer pet sitting at the hotel for times when you may be out for longer periods of time!

However, even if your hotel states that it is pet friendly, always double check and call the hotel to make sure. This also helps them better accommodate your pet(s). Don’t forget to pack some calming and anti-nausea tablets for the journey.

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🧳 What should I pack in my dog travel bag?

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