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21 Dog Friendly Things to Do In L.A. (2024 Guide)

Looking for dog friendly things to do in L.A.? This post will help! 

Los Angeles is an exceptionally dog friendly city. From its dog friendly beaches to state parks and hiking trails, there are so many things to do with your pup in the City of Angels! 

I travel a lot with Theo, my golden retriever. Traveling with a 70-pound energetic dog means you need an itinerary filled with outdoor adventures, and Los Angeles has plenty of places that make it a great dog friendly vacation. 

So let’s explore the best things for you and your dog to enjoy the next time you’re in Los Angeles.

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Nova Scotia duck toller running on a beach through the water

1. Rosie’s Dog Beach

Rosie’s Dog Beach is my #1 thing to do in L.A. with my dog, Theo. This beach is so great that I also listed it as the best dog friendly beach in Los Angeles.

Since 2001 the beach has been an off-leash paradise for dogs. They can chase the waves, dig sandcastles, and lie in the surf, making Rosie’s Beach one of the highest-rated dog friendly things to do in Southern California.

Another great thing about Rosie’s is the parking access, which is hard to come by in L.A. There are over 600 paid parking spots right in front of the beach.

Many dog owners love coming here on a sunny California afternoon to play frisbee with their pup (just remember to bring doggy sunscreen)!

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

While you and your dog may not see an actual celebrity, one of the most quintessential L.A. things to do with your dog is strolling along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Since the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a public sidewalk, it’s open to both two and four-leg visitors. 

Although this is one of the best dog friendly things to do in Hollywood, all dogs must stay leashed and don’t come without a poop bag because you are required to clean up after your dog. 

golden retriever laying on the grass with his stick and ball at Lake Hollywood Park

3. Lake Hollywood Park

Lake Hollywood Park is another one of the top places to take your dog in Los Angeles. 

Located at the base of Hollywood Hills, it’s a great place to spend time with your pup and get that iconic photo of the Hollywood Sign. The park has beautiful views of the city’s skyline and the surrounding hills.

You will definitely see lots of locals with their dogs off-leash, but dogs are technically not allowed off-leash at Lake Hollywood Park. 

So, if a ranger sees your dog running free, there is a good chance you’ll receive a ticket. 

4. The Hollywood Sign

A couple of hiking trails lead to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles.

Burbank Trail is the shortest hike but also the steepest. This trail starts near Lake Hollywood Park and climbs 875 feet within 1.5 miles. The steep incline and cliffs make this routh less dog friendly than others. 

The best route for dog owners is the Hollyridge Trail, which ends at Mount Lee’s summit and has excellent views of L.A. and the Hollywood Sign. It’s wide and has a steady incline over 3.5 miles (roundtrip). 

You could also opt for one of the trails leading through Griffith Park, the next dog friendly thing to do on my list. 

a huge white building with brown dome roof called Griffith Park Observatory on top of the mountain

5. Griffith Park

Griffith Park is a common entrance point for hiking to the Hollywood Sign, but the park also has other dog-friendly hikes. 

The park is vast at 4,200 acres. Hikes range from short and easy to difficult.

The Griffith Park Old Zoo Loop is a fun trail for those interested in a quick hike. The path is 2.5 miles, takes just over an hour to complete, and circles what used to be the L.A. Zoo (relocated in 1965).

Griffith Park is also home to Travel Town, one of the best dog friendly museums in Los Angeles. The museum features all types of old trains from the 1940s that you and your pup can explore.

If you love the outdoors and are looking for free things to do in L.A. with a dog, Griffith Park is a great option. 

6.  Lower Canyonback Trail

Lower Canyonback Trail is a wonderful hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, leading to views from Pasadena to the Pacific Ocean on a clear day.

The entire loop is 4 miles, but it has beautiful scenery throughout the hike and is worth the effort. 

Plus, it’s dog friendly! 

The trail runs alongside a fire road, making it easy to navigate, but there is limited shade, so bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

overlooking view of Los Angeles with tall buildings from the top of Runyon Park

7. Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park is a favorite among dog owners in LA. 

The park is 160 acres and has tons of hiking trails. You can even glimpse the Hollywood Sign in the distance from many of the park’s trails.

Although, for dog owners, the best part about Runyon Canyon Park is the 90-acres off-leash park. Every day, you’ll find tons of dogs playing in this park, making Runyon Canyon’s off-leash area a great place to strengthen your pup’s social skills. 

8. Mildred E Mathias Botanical Garden

If you and your dog love flowers, you would love visiting the 7-acre Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden. The garden has an on-leash policy, but it is dog friendly. 

These botanical gardens are an interesting free thing to do in L.A. with your dog and conveniently located on the campus of UCLA. 

You can enjoy casually walking through the gardens, reading the placards of the various plants, and taking some time to literally “smell the roses.” 

brown dog excitedly waiting for his owner to throw a green ball in Arts District Dog Park

9. Arts District Dog Park

The Arts District Dog Park is different from your run-of-the-mill city park, but one of the best places to take your dog in Los Angelos

The off-leash park is one of L.A.’s hidden gems with lots of shade, benches, and a separate enclosure that is for smaller, more timid dogs.  

The park was started in 2009 by a group of locals who wanted an inviting dog park for their community and visiting has become one of the best free things to do with your dog in Los Angeles.

According to the park rules, dogs need to be at least 4 months old, spayed/neutered, and up to date on all their shots. 

10.  Angel City Brewery

After a long day of hiking the hills of Los Angeles, you might be looking for a dog-friendly brewery to have a pint or two. 

Situated in between Little Tokyo and the Arts District, Angel City Brewery allows well-behaved dogs to come in with their owners (on leash), while they enjoy a drink.

You’ll also find a diverse selection of food trucks surrounding the brewery, turning it into one of the most unique Los Angeles dog friendly restaurants!

11. Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park

Sepulveda Basin is a 6.5-acre dog park in L.A.’s northwestern suburb of Encino.

Parking is a breeze, and the off-leash dog park is huge, so it never feels crowded. 

There are also three distinct areas for large, medium, and small dogs, which I felt was a thoughtful feature to make this park dog friendly for all temperaments and types of dogs.

The park has lots of grass, shade trees, and water stations for extra hot L.A. summer days. Sepulveda even has a few agility structures to challenge your dog’s athleticism and mind. 

aerial view of Santa Monica Pier with the big ferris wheel along the beach

12. Santa Monica Pier

One of the most relaxing ways to spend a day in L.A. is strolling along one of the city’s piers, but not all of them and dog friendly.

Santa Monica Pier is one of the few piers in the city that allow dogs. You can walk the boardwalk enjoying carnival treats or find a bench and just people-watch.

While this is one of the great dog activities in Los Angeles, dogs do have to remain leashed while on the Pier. It’s also worth noting that dogs are unfortunately not allowed on the beach. 

13. See A Drive-In Movie

There is no better place to enjoy the silver screen than the city where the magic happens. 

Los Angeles has several drive-in movie theaters, but the only dog friendly locations are Electric Dust Drive-In and Cinespia at Los Angeles Park.

If you are looking for the traditional drive-in movie theater, choose the Electric Dust Drive-In, LA’s longest-running pop-up drive-in. But it’s no longer a “pop-up,” as the open-air theater is open year-round. 

Cinespia is a franchise “drive-in” theater in Los Angeles, with 4 locations across the city. However, only the Los Angeles State Historic Park location is dog friendly.

Unlike Electric Dust, Cinespia is more of a picnic-in movie theater. So, instead of sitting in their vehicle, guests bring a picnic blanket and spread out on the grass to enjoy the movie 

At either location, dogs must remain on their leash for the duration of the movie.

14. Walk Beverly Hills

If you and your dog are interested in shopping and seeing one of the highest-income neighborhoods in America, consider taking an afternoon exploring Beverly Hills.

Your pup can act the part of Bruiser and you, the part of Elle Woods, as you window shop down Rodeo Drive, a three-block stretch with some of L.A.’s best high-end stores. 

Many of the shops and restaurants on Rodeo Drive are dog friendly! Just be sure to ask before you waltz into the store!

brown dog with collar and red tag on top of the mountain at Sullivan Canyon Trail

15. Sullivan Canyon Trail

Sullivan Canyon Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains is an 8-mile loop and rated a low-grade climb making it very accessible to all levels of hikers and their pups.

Given the length of the trail, you may want hiking boots for your pup. If so Theo and I have researched and tested the best hiking boots for dogs. You’ll also be glad to know that there is plenty of shade and trees along Sullivan Canyon Trail.

At just an hour from the city center, this trail is one of the best dog friendly day trips from Los Angeles at just one hour from the city center. 

16. Fryman Canyon Loop

Also known as the Betty B. Dearing Trail, this 2.6-mile route near Studio City is one of the best half-day things to do with dogs in Los Angeles. 

The trailhead to the hike is at the intersection of Fryman Road and Laurel Canyon Road. You’ll find parking here, but no restrooms. 

As for the hike itself, it’s a combination of paved and natural surfaces.

Despite being minutes from the bustling Studio City, you feel transported to a remote forest with native plants, flowers, and views Sherman Oaks near the end of the hike. 

clear beer glass with embossed photo of a dog at Blue Dog Beer Tavern

17. Blue Dog Beer Tavern

After your hike at Fryman Canyon, enjoy a cool-down beer at Blue Dog Beer Tavern. 

As you can guess, The Blue Dog Beer Tavern in Sherman Oaks is a great Los Angeles dog friendly restaurant & bar. 

The patio is small, so you may have to wait a minute for an outdoor table, especially if you are there on the weekend, but once you get a table, the waitstaff will greet you with a beer and a bowl of water for your dog.

The place is decorated from floor to ceiling with pictures of pups, and you’re dog will love being the center of attention at this restaurant. 

18. Get Some In-N-Out

What’s a trip to California without In-N-Out burger?

The famous fast food chain opened its first restaurant in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California. 

The company’s deliberate decision to keep all of its meat and ingredients fresh has limited it to the West Coast, and led to it being a quintessential thing to do in California. 

The good news is you can experience it all with your pup, since every In-N-Out Burger patio is dog friendly. 

19. Melrose Trading Post

Melrose Trading Post is truly one of the great dog friendly events in Los Angeles. It’s a weekly flea market held every Sunday, full of stands with vintage fashion, antique furniture, handcrafted artisan goods, and one-of-a-kind knick-knacks.

You’ll also find live music and food trucks each weekend at ‘The Post.’

While it is hard to beat a great thrifting experience, Melrose makes it special for dog owners by encouraging them to bring their dogs! 

They love dogs so much they have devoted a hashtag to it. So be sure to post a picture of your beloved pooch at the market and hashtag #DOGSOFMTP.  

people walking with dog by the sand at Long Beach

20. Long Beach

Long Beach is right next door to Rosie’s Dog Beach, our #1 pick for things to do in L.A. with your dog. 

But beyond Rosie’s Beach, Long Beach is also a great place to hang out with your dog. The beach has a long 7.5-mile paved walking path that is the perfect place for an evening stroll.

The trail is divided into a walking path and a biking path, so it’s an especially safe place to walk your pup. 

Long Beach also has many great restaurants that have dog friendly patios. My recommendation is to visit Tequila, Jack’s Restaurant and Cantina, right on the beach! 

21. Angeles National Forest

Angeles National Forest is a great dog friendly day trip for Los Angeles, especially if you have already completed all the hikes near the city. 

This national urban forest is only 30 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles but feel like you are in the middle of nowhere with over 700,000 acres to explore. 

From bungee jumping to waterfalls, there is so much to see and do in Angeles National Forest, but my favorite place to go is the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ trail. 

The Bridge to Nowhere is a scenic trail in the San Gabriel Mountains with a gorgeous arch bridge. When you get to this point, you can stop to swim in the creek below the arch bridge, and watch people bungee jumping from its ledge. 


Where can I go with my dog in LA?

You can go to a ton of different places with your dog in L.A. There are lots of dog friendly beaches, shops, restaurants, and cafes within the city. Also, the hills surrounding Los Angeles have endless day hikes that are well-maintained and appropriate for dogs!

How dog friendly is LA?

Los Angeles is a very dog friendly city, with lots of outdoor activities available and great weather year-round. It’s not universal (some beaches and parks are off limits to dogs), most public spaces allow dogs on-leash and there are several beautiful state parks nearby.

Are dogs allowed in L.A. Parks?

Yes, almost all L.A. city parks are pet friendly. Dogs are allowed in Los Angeles city parks but must be on-leash unless the park is specifically designated as an off-leash park. Dogs have to be spayed and neutered, and dogs over four months must be up to date on their vaccinations. 

Are dogs allowed on L.A.’s metro?

Pets and service dogs are allowed on the Los Angeles metro. However, pets must be in an enclosed carrier, the carrier can not block seats or rows, and pets cannot sit in the subway seats.

Are dogs allowed in Starbucks in L.A?

No, dogs are not allowed inside Starbucks in Los Angeles or any other city (except service animals). Many Starbucks locations in L.A. have patios, and dogs are typically welcome on outdoor patios. Or you can skip the Starbucks together and make your pup a puppercino at home.

Conclusion: Best Dog Friendly Activities Los Angeles

The amount of dog friendly things in L.A. make any stress of flying with your dog well worth the effort. 

In my opinion, the first place you should bring your dog to L.A. is Rosie Beach, so that you can take in California’s sun and surf right away. 

Then, if your pup is like Theo, you should get onto more adventurous activities in Los Angeles like hiking and visiting dog parks with views of the city. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best things to do in Los Angeles dogs, and guarantee that you’ll have a great trip by adding a few of these recommendations to your itinerary.

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