My favorite travel resources for getting around the world affordably and safely with my dog.

Best Travel Insurance

World Nomads I’ve used World Nomads in almost 30 countries and have always had an excellent experience!

How to Book Cheap Flights

Skyscanner – I used Skyscanner to find a $200 flight to New Zealand. Set price alerts on the app and then wait for deals!

Best Hotel Deals – The #1 spot to find great hotel deals AND to use rewards to save up for free stays.

Finding Pet-Friendly Accommodations

VRBO – I prefer VRBO to hotels for longer stays so I can rent a house with a full backyard!

Pet Friendly Rental Cars

Discover Cars – Find the best car rental deals and sort by pet friendly options!

Best Dog Travel Gear for Planes

  • Happy Hoodie – This protects his ears from the noise of the plane and helps keep him calm. Also used by groomers for blow dryer noises.
  • Samsonite Suitcase – This hard case suitcase holds a lot without being too heavy. It’s also not squishy so it protects all your items. Works great for a suitcase full of dog food and squeaky toys!
  • Microfiber Towel – Great for drying your dog off quickly on the go, and makes a perfect blanket for the plane or their carrier.
  • Calming Treats – Soothe anxious dogs with these!
  • Packing Cubes – Keeps your stuff and your dogs’ separate. I never have to worry about a slimey tennis ball being against my nicest top.

Best Dog Travel Gear for Cars

  • Pet Road Trip Organizer – This bag with 2 dog bowls, two food storage areas, and areas for dog poop bags, is a great road trip keeper! I love this for easy access to all of Theo’s stuff when we’re en route. It can work on planes too in place of a carry-on.
  • Seat Cover/Hammock – This dog seat cover was a lifesaver! Theo used to mark up my car with all of his muddy pawprints after a hike. Now I can be lazy and not clean my car. I just have to shake out the cover or hose it off, and I’m done!
  • Scrubba Wash Bag – This eco-friendly and low water washing system will help you get the mud out of your favorite pants on the go when your muddy pup jumps up. It’s a great way to keep things clean without paying for laundry and it doubles as a laundry bag!
  • Travel Dog Crate (Soft) I used this on my Quebec road trip with Theo. It’s very secure, but he knows how to use zippers so he got out into the room (not a big deal). This is a great option that folds down for cars.
  • Dog Seat Belt (Large Dog) – I use this for Theo to stay safe in the car. This also ensures emergency responders can attend to me if I was in an accident without having to wait for animal control to get Theo.

Theo’s Favorite Dog Toys & More!

  • Dog Safe Pool – He can’t puncture so it’s great for hot summers!
  • Jolly Egg – This plastic toy looks weird but Theo’s obsessed with it all year round. It’s an outdoor toy as he smashes it into things trying to grab it. Great for getting their energy out while you work or sip a cocktail (no judgements!). We have the largest size.
  • Toppl by West Paw – Stuff these like a kong and you’ll have a happy pup! I even feed Theo with it, and screw two together to make it harder. We have size L and XL.
  • Kong – A classic kong is great to have on hand. Stuff it and freeze it for a great enrichment game that even the toughest chewers don’t destroy.
  • Poop Bags – These ones are my go to because they’re eco friendly.
  • Head Lamp – I use this to walk Theo at night, especially when we go camping.
  • Illuminated Dog Collar – When I wear my head lamp, Theo wears this collar. It has three settings but I usually keep it on the constant glow. We have the red in Large.
  • GPS Dog Tracker I’ve been using this on Theo since January and loving it. It has a great charge, hangs on to his collar tightly, and helps me feel safer when we’re in foreign areas or he’s off leash (a rarity).
  • Collapsible Bowls with Covers – Great for water on the go, and food while traveling. I keep one in my backpack at all times. These are easy to chew through, so don’t get them for a chewer.
  • Treat Pouch – Theo is very food motivated, so I always have some treats in this pouch for him. Helps with training.
  • 50 Ft Leash – Great for trails and off leash training. I also use this in cities to play fetch by tying him to a tree at a park and tossing the ball around it. Very durable – even against a teenage angsty golden retriever who tried to eat his way out.
  • Dog Grooming Kit – Perfect for beginners!
  • Muttluks – The only dog boots that actually stay on my dog!

Service Dog Gear + Charities

  • Halti – This is NOT a muzzle. It helps with large breeds like golden retrievers who pull. It’s kind of like a bridle for a horse. Theo is a size 2. SDs can work in Haltis.
  • Service Dog Vest – This was Theo’s first vest.
  • Service Dog Tag – I keep this on him in case he’s not in vest and I was in an accident.