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Does a Dog Whistle Hurt Dogs?

Dog whistles are a unique tool that can help owners train their dogs and keep them from barking too much. However, many dog owners worry about whether the sound of a dog whistle will hurt their pets’ ears.

Let’s find out!

My dog Theo is very sensitive to noises, so I wanted to learn if dog whistles would be beneficial or harmful to him. And I’m sure you do too.

Does a Dog Whistle Hurt Dogs?

No, a dog whistle does not hurt dogs ears as long as it is used properly. Always read and follow manufacturer information. Consult with your vet for additional information and to clarify use.

Overuse of a dog whistler can be unpleasant to a dog, but it’s unlikely to harm them. Think of a loud beeping noise like a fire alarm. It’s annoying, but your ears aren’t damaged by it.

Will a dog whistle stop an attacking dog?

No, it will not stop an attacking dog. Dog whistles are mainly used for training or communication purposes and are not a good solution to keeping your dog safe in the event of an attack.

The best thing you can do is to be aware of your surroundings and ensure that you have the proper safety equipment when out walking your dog. I carry compressed air in a can when I walk my dog on trails that are meant to be on-leash only – but some owners are not very careful and allow their dogs off-leash. This prevents dogs from coming too close to us, as my dog has been attacked at parks before.

Do high-pitched sounds hurt dogs?

No, high-pitched sounds do not hurt dogs. Dogs can hear a wider range of frequencies than humans, so they are often able to pick up higher-pitched sounds more easily. While some noises may be unpleasant to dogs and cause them distress, most dog whistles are too low in frequency for them to harm their hearing.

Does whistling bother dogs?

Normal human whistling may bother some dogs, but it’s unlikely to harm them. It is more likely to disturb their sleep than to bother them in a medically significant way.

Do whistles make dogs bark?

No, whistles will not make dogs bark. Dog whistles are generally used to train or communicate with dogs, so it’s unlikely that they would cause them to bark. That is just something you see on TV – much like an abundance of quicksand that doesn’t happen in real life.

Are dog whistles harmful to humans?

No, dog whistles are not harmful to humans. They emit very high frequencies that aren’t audible to the human ear and thus won’t affect our hearing in any way. That being said, they can be harmful if misused – such as someone shoving one in their ear.

What does a dog whistle sound like?

A dog whistle emits a sound that is too high-pitched for humans to hear, but it can be heard by dogs. The sound has been described as “shrill” or “tweeet-twoo”.

See if you can hear it in this video:

Training Tips: How to Use a Silent Dog Whistle : Dog Training Tips

Do dog whistles work on cats?

No, dog whistles do not work on cats. Cats have different hearing abilities than dogs, so they are not able to hear the high-pitched sound emitted by a dog whistle.

How well do dogs hear?

Dogs have an incredible sense of hearing, far surpassing that of humans.

Dogs can hear frequencies up to two times higher than what the human ear is capable of detecting. This means they can pick up sounds that are too high-pitched for us to detect.

They also have a much greater range in terms of volume than people do, being able to hear sounds at significantly lower volumes and farther distances away than we can.

You’ll notice even new puppies swiveling their heads and looking into the air when they hear things we may not be able to detect. They even tilt their heads to try to focus in on the sound better.

In addition, their ears are more mobile and can be independently rotated 180 degrees, allowing them to pinpoint the exact location or direction from which a sound is coming with amazing accuracy.

All this makes dogs incredibly well equipped when it comes to hearing!

It’s probably why my dog can come running so quickly whenever I accidentally brush the cheese or bacon packages in the fridge!


Dog whistles are a great training tool and will not hurt your dog’s ears as long as they are used properly. Always read the instructions and consult with your vet before using any type of whistle on your pet.

If you’re considering using a dog whistle to train your dog, remember that they are not a substitute for proper obedience training. Dogs need positive reinforcement and consistent commands in order to learn the right behavior.

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